Phrasal Verbs; The Comprehensive Collection: 1060 Common Phrasal Verbs with Plenty of Examples & Synonyms – The Mental Matching Technique


Do you find difficulties dealing with phrasal verbs?Are you fed up with going over endless lists of translated phrasal verbs without finding enough examples and uses?Do you have challenges in understanding or memorizing phrasal verbs?Are you looking forward to mastering as well as using phrasal verbs efficiently; confidently and correctly?Well, the fact is learning phrasal verbs and using them is a matter of regular and constant practice as well as getting access to large numbers of examples in different contexts. Getting to know the meaning of a given phrasal verb can make a little difference, the point is to be able to master them and use them correctly and in an effective way. And here where this book steps in to acquaint you with the mental matching technique. How does this work stand out from conventional textbooks?Rather than jotting down the definition right next to or below the phrasal verb (as is the case with conventional dictionaries and books); two functional examples are provided so that the reader has a chance to contemplate on and figure out the meaning on their own. This way the phrasal verb, its usage; meaning and synonyms are sure to make their way to our long-term memory.Time to reinforce and practice what we’ve learned; Each set is followed by a well-devised and carefully-selected dialogues so that we have the capability to make the most of the phrasal verbs and in a variety of contexts. By focusing on the sentences and trying to come up with a few extra examples on your own, chances are you are undoubtedly going to build up your ability to understand and use phrasal verbs with ease.Hope that this humble work will live up to your expectations! Read & Succeed!!!